Bike Helmets for Large Heads: Find the perfect fit

The main reason for buying a bike helmet is to save your head from harm. To keep it protected you need a bike helmet with a comfortable and secure fit. You need a helmet that does not come off in an accident. The problem is finding one for an extra large head is difficult. So how do you find the perfect fit for XL heads?

Steps to Follow to Ensure a Perfect Bike Helmet Fit

A helmet that sits snug on your should not be too tight and needs to sit level with your head. No one wants to ride around with a helmet that sits like a dome on the head. Further, the helmet needs to sit to the front edge above your eyebrows. 

This helps to keep your forehead protected. However, buying a helmet for a large head is difficult. Luckily, manufacturers are making more larger-sized bike helmets. A perfect fit comprises your head shape and head size. Moreover, the best fit is to try the bike helmet on first before buying. 

Nevertheless, if you do plan on buying the best bike helmet online consider the following steps:

What is your head shape?

If you do have, a larger than normal head each person has a different shaped head. Your head can be oval or even round. When buying diverse bike helmet brands each make has its own unique fit. Therefore, the first step is to determine the shape of your head. Now you may wonder how you determine your head shape. There are two categories when it comes to your head shape:

The long oval head shape – this is the most common head shape

The round head shape – your head is wider in the middle, closer to the temples

The egg-shaped head – your head is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom

How do you measure your head?

Start by taking a flexible tape and do the following (you may need someone to help you.)

  1. Measure around the largest portion of your head above the ears (about 1-inches above the eyebrows)
  2. Alternatively, use a point where you can get the largest measurement.
  3. After completing this view, the size chart available on the brand of bike helmet you want to buy.

A General Bike Helmet Size Parameter

When you view a helmet size chart, the measurements are as follow:

  • Small – 51cm to 55cm (20 inches to 21.75 inches)
  • X Small – normally below 51cm (20 inches)
  • Medium – 55cm to 59cm (21.75 inches to 23.25-inches)
  • Large – 59cm to 63cm (23.25-inches to 24.75-inches)
  • X Large – normally above 63cm (24.75-inches)
  • One size fits all kids – 46cm to 57cm (18-inches to 22.5-inches)
  • One size fits all men – 54cm to 63cm (21.25-inches to 24-inches)
  • One size fits all women – 50cm to 57cm (19.75-inches to 22.5-inches)

Are you still undecided?

If you are in between sizes and still undecided which bike helmet to choose, consider this. If your head is small, you can opt in buying a kid-size helmet for a comfortable fit. However, if you do have an extra large head the best options to see if they have XXL sizes available. We also recommend you look for a helmet with a fit system on the inside. This helps you to get a perfect fit for your head shape.


We hope that these steps help you to find a bike helmet for large heads. The important thing to know is there are three sizes available in a bike helmet. By determining your head shape and size is the best way to find a perfect fit. The alternative is to head over to your local bike shop and fit on a couple of bike helmets to find the best one. Alternatively, you can read the bike helmet reviews available online related to the brand you would like to buy.

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