Coast HL7 Review

Sometimes, simplicity is best. You want to work on your car or in small spaces, and your headlamp needs to be a powerful and easy to use. For almost 100 years, Coast has been producing quality and innovation with headlamps like the HL7. The Coast HL7 has the unique Pure Beam Focusing system to change the beam with a simple twist, going from a full flood to a tightly focused beam in one second without any fuss. 

Up close this headset seems simple and like its not too much to look at. But once you turn it on, you have access to a super bright light that can easily switch from full flood to far off spotlight.

With a switch on the battery pack and a twist feature on the front, it is super simple to use. 

The innovative Pure Beam Focusing system is hands down the best part of this lamp. A simple twist of the bezel on the front of the headlamp takes the light from a floodlight to a far-reaching spotlight in a second. No cycling through switches, just twist and go. It makes it super easy to change the type of lighting when you are working in small spaces such as under a car or while wiring a wall in a new house. 

Changing Coast’s HL7 Variable light control technology is simple. All you need is to slide the toggle and you can flip from 4 Lumens all the way to an impressive 285 Lumens. This makes changing your light level completely effortless. There is no worry about having to press this button for so many seconds, or that one three times. You just slid the lever and that’s it. Easy, simple and amazingly bright. 

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  • Twist Focus System:  Combines the Bulls-eye spot beam with the Ultra View Flood beam making close and distance lightly more effective. Simply twist the bezel on the head of the light to switch between beams. 
  • Light Control Lever: The light control lever provides variable control of the light from high to low. The lever is at the back of the headlamp and can even be rotated easily while wearing work gloves. 
  • Tilting and Hard Hat compatible: Clips are included to attach the headlamp to any hard hat for added safety. The direction of the light beam can be adjusted as the lamp includes a hinged tilting head. 
  • Tough and Durable: The HL7 was designed to be tough and is impact/weather resistant. It includes the Coast lifetime warranty against defects in materials. 


For a simple device, the Coast HL7 is still packed with benefits.  One major benefit of the Coast HL7 is its simplicity. This simplicity is why it is a popular device for mechanics and miners alike. No need to fuss with multiple switches through various modes. Just turn the lever on the back to your desired beam strength, and you are set. 

If you need to switch to a wide flood from the super bright spotlight that you are using, just twist the bezel, and the light will widen to a flood light of the same beam strength. This can be especially handy in situations where you need to change the light fast from one setting to the next. For a simple device, this is a powerful lamp, going from 4 Lumens at low setting to a top end output of 285 Lumens. The range of this device  goes from 13 metres to about 119 metres in full spotlight and brightness. It has outperformed many higher end models in proximity lighting with a nice even beam with fewer hot spots. In brightness levels, the HL7 has consistently been at the top of the pack in beam distance and brightness outputs

The HL7 has a runtime of one hour 30 minutes on high to approximately 70 hours on low. And with a price of below $100 USD, purchasing this won’t break the bank like the more costly Black Diamond or Petzl headlamps. Add to that the included hard hat clips, and this is an incredible value for your dollar. 

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There are a few disadvantages. This device runs on three AAA batteries and has a top burn time of about 90 minutes at the highest setting. This can be frustrating to those who are out in the field as they may need to bring extra batteries along. There is no top strap on the device, making it a little bouncy for runners and fast hikers. It weighs in at about 128 grammes, which is about 30% heavier than other compact headlamps and can be a little bulky. 

Customer Reviews

The HL7 has been a popular device on Amazon, with over 1,000 reviews given by customers. 68% of those have given this headlamp a five star rating, and 17% giving it a four star rating. The overall current rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars.  It seems to be most commonly purchased by those in the trades industries, such as miners, mechanics and electricians to use in small spaces. The super bright lamp has been the most popular feature along with the ability to focus the beam using the bexel. One customer said that this was the best lamp he has ever purchased, with the toggle being his favourite feature. He was annoyed with other headlamps where had had to click through several levels just to get to the one light he wanted. Now he just puts the light on and light floods his work area. 

One person said that while they loved that the light was bright, it ran through the battery power too quick for his needs. Once they switched to rechargeables, it saved them money in the long run. 


Q. Does the headlamp continually change the light settings or is it just high and low 

A.  The beam is a continuous light that doesn’t change automatically but it does have a dimmer switch. 

Q Is the HL7 waterproof?

A.  It is water resistant and impact resistant. It can take light rain, but not full submersion.

Q Is it rechargeable?

A. The HL7 is not rechargeable and uses 3 AAA batteries. However, you can use rechargeable batteries in the headlamp.

Q. Does it come with a rear back light or night vision LEDs?

A.  It only has one forward light. There are no extra light features with this headlamp. 

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Simple, easy to use and durable. The Pure Beam Focusing Optic along bezel twist to switch between ultra wide flood and tight focused spotlight makes this one of the most powerful yet easy to use headlamps on the market. The light control lever makes it easy to switch the device on and off even with heavy gloves on. The hinged beams and included hard hat clips makes this a perfect buy for construction workers and miners. And with a price point of less than $100 USD, this lamp is a must have for your garage, car or anywhere you need a powerful light.

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