Fenix HL60R Review

When you are deep in a cave or fishing at night, you want a bright light that just won’t give up. A powerful lamp that will still work after being dropped on the ground or in the water. A perfect lamp for the darkest, most remote places. 

The Fenix HL60R is perfect for cavers and night fishermen, providing a super bright light that is a favourite among those who spend their free time in caves exploring deep in the depths. It comes with a Cree XM-L2 T6 white LED which provides a neutral white light perfect for photos and videos in dark caves. The battery will last up to 10 hours at 150 Lumens, making it perfect for day trips into caves while still maintaining enough light for huge domes and caverns. The warmth of this light makes it easy to take breathtaking photos and video where normal daylight never is. 

Hands down the biggest feature of the Fenix HL60R is its durability. With rugged aluminium body and an IPX8 rating, you can drop, bang, scratch and even submerge this lamp in up to two metres of water and it will still work.

While the HL60R is good for many activities such as climbing, fishing or even camping, it is perfect for caving.  It is waterproof to a depth of 2 metres and will survive a drop onto hard rock from a height of one metre. The entire body of the lamp is made of a durable scratch resistant aluminium alloy with an anti-reflective toughened lens. The nylon straps will adjust to fit on a helmet for added protection.

In a dark cave, you need a powerful light and that’s what the Cree neutral white LED light is for. It provides warm light from five Lumens on ECO mode up to a phenomenal 950 Lumens in Turbo at a maximum distance of 116 metres. That’s enough to light up a huge dome room and still leave enough light to take outstanding photos! The 180° tilt range can move the lamp so you will have a clear field of vision, regardless of direction. The technology in the lamp allows the level of lighting to remain constant regardless of battery power remaining. Also, the built in thermal regulator will make sure that the lamp never overheats, dimming the output as needed to help the light last longer.

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  • Rechargeable 2600 mAh Battery – A Lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included, and you can purchase extras from Fenix for longer trips. And as a bonus, the lamp is rechargeable via USB, which makes it even easier to charge the battery on the go.
  • Intelligent light  – The computer chip inside the headlamp will maintain a constant light, and it will regulate the heat of the lamp by dimming when needed to prevent overheating. It will return to the original setting once it has cooled down. 
  • Ease of use.  – The Fenix HL60R is versatile and easy to use. There are four brightness levels and one red light, and you can easily change those using the single side switch. No messing with apps or computer programs to set up your lamp, just turn it on and go.
  • Durable  – Fenix knows how to make lamps that last. This lamp has a top-grade aluminium body that is scratch resistant, shockproof and waterproof in up to two metres of water. The lamp is designed for all seasons, even the coldest winters.
  • Bright  – Four modes of light from 5 Lumens up to a top output of 950 Lumens in Turbo mode. There is also a red light mode to help maintain night vision when needed. The maximum beam distance of 116 metres provides optimal lighting in the most dark areas. The centre based beam with both spotlight and floodlight components provide an excellent wide warm light.


Fenix HL60R is packed with features for such a simple device. Fenix builds its lamps to last, and it’s a favourite device for cavers because of this. The toughened aluminium body and glass will survive drops of up to one metre onto a hard surface and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes even if the dust-cover is unplugged. It is suitable for even the coldest weather and is completely weatherproofed.

The bright wide field of the Cree LED neutral white light is warm and will brighten even the darkest of caves. The single light balances the perfect blend of spotlight and floodlight and will stay constant throughout the burn time. It will not dim before you change the setting, and this can be done by turning the knob on the side of the lamp. More, if you need a more powerful light, the HL60R will throw a light of up to 950 Lumens for up to 48 minutes!

The side switch makes it simple to cycle through the lighting modes. Just flip the switch and you are set! When you turn off the lamp, the intelligent memory of the device will save the last level of lighting making it even easier to use.

Recharging is a breeze with the included USB cable. You can recharge the 2600 mAh battery in less than six hours from empty from any USB source. The batteries can be replaced with any Fenix 18650 Li-ion battery and can be upgraded to any of the larger capacities, providing you with a longer run time. In addition to that, the LED warning lights let you know how much run time you have left!


The biggest drawback of the HL60R is that is clunky. Once the battery is installed, the headlamp weighs in at 170 grammes. This combined with the battery being within the lamp itself makes the device front heavy. This can make the lamp seem heavy and therefore should not be a first choice for those who need something balanced or light. The only other drawback is that replacement batteries have to be from Fenix. The battery is proprietary and cannot be replaced with any other 18650 battery available, which can be annoying. 

The Fenix HL60R is available on Amazon and has a rating of 4.5 out of five from twelve customers. The only issue discussed in the reviews is that the clasp for the tilt feature broke after months of constant use. The person who made that claim did not mention if they contacted Fenix for warranty replacement. The rest of the customers were satisfied with the headlamp design, calling the headlamp “bright and comfortable”, and “convenient”.


Q.  Will this fit on a hard hat?

A.  Yes! The top strap helps to keep the lamp steady on a hard hat, making it perfect for climbing and caving.

Q. How much does the lamp weigh with the battery installed?

A.  About 170 grammes.

Q. What is the IPX rating of the lamp?

A. The Fenix HL60R has an IPX8 rating, which means it’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes in up to two metres of water.

Q. How do I know when to recharge the battery?

A. The HL60R has an internal battery indicator when first switched on:

White LED Flash: over 70% remaining

White LED and two red LED flashing: 30 to 70% remaining

Two red LEDs flash: less than 30% remaining

Q. Does the lamp have a tilt feature?

A. Yes. It can tilt up to 180°.

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Fenix has made a powerful lamp that will take the harshest conditions and will still shine bright. The HL60R is a powerful, easy to use, rechargeable headlamp. These features are great for cavers, fishermen and for those who work in extreme conditions on a daily basis. The Fenix HL60R headlamp is the perfect addition to anyone’s headlamp collection and is worth the investment.

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