Fenix HP25R Review

When climbing at night, sometimes the best option is a bright light.  One that will dominate the other options available at a still affordable price. Burn time isn’t a factor, you want to see as far as you can for as long as is possible. A climber needs to see the next anchor, and the shadows thrown by a less powerful lamp might cost valuable time in your climb.  You will need a rugged, durable light that withstand drops and any type of weather condition.

Meet the Fenix HP25R. This innovative lamp outperforms industry leaders with its powerful light and versatility. The rechargeable lamp can generate a phenomenal spotlight of 1000 Lumens at 187 metres visibility. That is the length of 1.5 soccer fields for 90 minutes in Turbo mode. The power of the HP25R is matched only by its incredible versatility. With nine different levels of light across three modes with up to 96 hours of burn time, you will find the perfect mode for any task.

The Fenix HP25R is a great little lamp that is simple to use as it will always remember your last setting when it’s switched on. It includes two CREE LEDs which gives you two choices of beams depending on your specific needs. The powerful spotlight has an orange peel reflector that will throw a sharp 1000 Lumens beam up to a distance of 187 metres in Turbo mode. This beam will last for 90 minutes at that output. The floodlight mode emits a wide neutral white light that appears very similar to natural daylight. This mode is perfect for nighttime photography of wildlife. This lamp also features a night vision red LED that is amazing for maintaining night vision when out on the trail, and may also be used for signalling. Dual switch controls both lights separately, making switching between the two lights simple and efficient. 

This headlamp build is amazing. The Fenix HP25R comes with a rechargeable 18650 mAh battery that will recharge internally using the provided USB cable. One great feature is that you can also power the lamp with a pair of CR123A batteries! The run time of this lamp is outstanding, providing 150 hours on the Eco setting. The body of the lamp is a made of aluminium alloy and rated at IPX 6, which is dustproof and can resist most wet conditions short of full submersion. Aluminium alloy helps to dissipate the heat that is generated by the powerful CREE LEDs to prevent any overheating.

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  • Two beam options. The spotlight is a cool white beam that shows sharp details and visibility at far distances, and neutral white that will flood an area with wide visibility and can even cut through the dense fog and snow. The floodlight has a maximum beam angle of 90 degrees.
  • Dustproof and Water resistant An IPX rating of 6 makes it dustproof and can take heavy snow and rainfall without being damaged.
  • Intelligent heat protection: The rugged alloy design of the headlamp and battery provides optimal heat dissipation while in use. When the lamp reaches 65°C, it will adjust the output to prevent overheating.  
  • Dual switch controls: Two switches makes it easy to control each light separately.
  • Rechargeable:  Battery can be recharged using a micro USB cable.
  • Red LED Light: Night setting allows for night vision to be kept and the red LED flash is used for signalling
  • Powerful spotlight: Beam through 187 metres at 1000 Lumens for 90 minutes.
  • Long burn time:  Battery can last up to 150 hours in Eco mode.


With a simple no-frills design, the Fenix HP25R is a powerful lamp that will keep going for hours. Despite its rugged alloy design this lamp comes packed with intelligent features to keep it going. The lamp will lower the output when the light reaches above 65° C to avoid the device becoming too hot. Once turned off, the device will return to the previous setting when turned back on. The rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery will operate even at temperatures of -40°C and will recharge via USB in only four hours. And with the two CREE Led lights capable of throwing a powerful spotlight 187  metres, and a floodlight capable of making even the darkest caves bright as day this lamp will keep you going for hours, no matter your activity.


Thanks to the simple design of this lamp, there are few drawbacks to it. The biggest drawback seems to be the plug from the lamp to the battery. If you are wearing it on a bare head rather than under a helmet or hard hat, it can sometimes annoy as you may feel it beside the headband. A more petite person may have issues adjusting the size of the headband as it sized for larger heads.

The customer reviews of 4.4 out of 5.5 stars for the Fenix HP25R are solid on Amazon. 84% of the customers who purchased this lamp have given it five stars, saying it was the best decision they have ever made about a headlamp. The most popular features that were discussed have been about the powerful spotlight, and the internal charging capabilities. One customer said this is the best headlamp to use early in the morning on his farm and that he always finds the snakes before stepping on them. He has since purchased two more, one to keep in his truck at all times and one for in the house.


Q: Is this lamp waterproof?

A:  No. It has an IPX6 rating, which means it is dustproof and can withstand heavy rain. It is not waterproof and should not be submerged.

Q. How do you turn on the red light?

A.  With the lamp off, press the left button with a single press to cycle through the red light settings.

Q. Can this be worn on a helmet?

A. the Fenix HP25R can be worn over helmets and hard hats.

Q. Can this be used for trail running?

A  Yes.

Q. Can you use both lights at once?

A. You can only use one light at a time.

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The Fenix HP25R is a compact rugged headlamp that is simple, yet powerful. It outshines even the industry leaders with its spotlight and its run time. The CREE LED lights have a powerful output of 1000 Lumens and a maximum run time of 150 hours. Its unique alloy design and intelligent memory keep the device from overheating, allowing your head to keep cool even at the brightest output. The dual switch controls make it easy to cycle through light modes and there almost no learning curve to use this device. With the affordable price of this device the Fenix HP25R is the only choice for a powerful spotlight. When you invest in this device, you are getting an amazing headlamp.

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