Petzel Reactik+ Review

When you are climbing, running or out in the back trails, you need a headlamp that is lightweight and will last for hours. A light that will last and adapt on the fly to your needs, whether that is a red light to keep your night vision, or REACTIVE lighting while running in a pack of people. Your lamp needs to give you that edge to climb safely and move faster. A headlamp packed with features but is still light and easy to use. That lamp is the Petzl Reactik+. With its small but powerful and unique back split headband, the Reactik+ is a fantastic option at its price point. 

When you are looking for a lightweight rechargeable device, the Reatick+ should immediately come to mind. The unique washable headband fits on the head snugly and without movement. The back split is adjustable and fits so well, you won’t even notice it’s on. It’s made of an absorbent material that will absorb sweat when the heat is on, making sure you don’t have to stop to wipe sweat off at the wrong moment. The rechargeable battery unit is in the lamp itself at the front of the lamp which frees the back of your head from the added weight of a battery pack. All of this adds up to a headlamp with less bulk that will keep you going for hours at a time.

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True to its name the Petzl Reactik+ has one of the best options available with REACTIVE lighting. Able to adapt on the fly to your current situation, the ambient light sensor will read the surrounding light and adjust the beam. When you are on the trail alone, it will provide a brighter beam so you see further and when you are in a pack of runners or in the falling snow, the light will adjust seamlessly to provide a better visual experience. Along with REACTIVE lighting comes Bluetooth® smart, once again pushing the envelope of customization. With Bluetooth®, and the MyPetzl lighting app you can customise your lamp: Multi-tasking, mountaineering, trekking, trail running and bivouac mode. Each of these profiles has six modes of either reactive or constant lighting. The app also includes a battery metre that accurately tells you how much battery power you have left down to the percentage, leaving out the guessing game with the light indicator on the lamp itself. This handy app can program the lamp for up to 10 hours of burn time on the REACTIVE setting. Just set the app to your needed burn time, and the app will adjust the lamp to optimise the light for you! No more guess-work!


  • Adjustable and Washable headband – The uniquely designed headband will stay in place even during the most tasking of activities.
  • Mixed beam: With a mixed beam that integrates between both flood and spotlight, optimal lighting is always available to the athlete.
  • REACTIVE Lighting Technology: The headlamp will change the beam and intensity of the light up to a 300 Lumens maximum.
  • Energy efficient:  Headlamp will adjust according to the user’s needs automatically allowing for a longer,  more efficient burn time.
  • Rechargeable: With the 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery and integrated USB port for charging convenience, you will not need to worry about extra batteries in the field.
  • Multiple profiles available: 5 unique customizable profiles with six settings ensures that you have the optimal beam and burn time for every activity.


The PETZL Reactik+ is lightweight and comfortable, and it’s perfect for ultra-running and mountaineering. With a weight of 115 grams and a maximum brightness of 300 Lumens, this little headlamp packs a punch in the dark to help you see as far as your need to. The REACTIVE lighting has a default of 80 Lumens for 10 hours in Max Autonomy mode, 170 Lumens for five hours in Standard mode and a massive 300 Lumens for 2.5 hours at Max Power. The added features of Bluetooth and the MyPetzl Light app makes setting up your lamp and monitoring the battery power a snap. No more guessing exactly how much battery remains, (is orange 50 or 30 percent power?) as you can see the exact percentage remaining on your phone and adjust your output if needed!

The washable headband designed is super comfortable and stays on during the most rigorous of activities. This band is broad, soft and splits in two at the back and then widens at the front to provide a better fit on your brow. The absorbent material will soak up the sweat during exertion and you can remove the lamp and wash the band!

Charging is a breeze with the rechargeable 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. Just plug the micro USB socket into and available USB plug and it will charge within 4 hours!


REACTIVE lighting can sometimes be a drawback when you are dealing with changing conditions such as falling snow and heavy fog as the sensor may have difficulty telling how much light to throw. The only way around this is to switch to constant lighting until your conditions improve. The Bluetooth® connection has been a little harder to connect to your phone sometimes, but once you have it set up, it need not remain connected to the app at all times.

The Petzl Reactik+ has 48 customer reviews giving it a 4.1 out of 5. Most customers were satisfied with the brightness and burn time. The REACTIVE lighting has been popular with many happy with how it changes according to the surrounding light. The biggest complaint from several of the users has been that the battery turns on while in the bag, draining it before they even use it. One customer suggested that people may not be taking advantage of the locking feature by pressing and holding the top and side buttons together to lock the device.


Doesn’t the Bluetooth® drain the battery on the headlamp?

The Bluetooth® replaces a USB connection, and as it is a smart connection, it is only actively on when the app is in use. This provides a minimal drain on the lamp while still optimising the settings.

Is there a red light option with this unit?

Absolutely! The red light option is perfect for those times when you need to keep your night vision and the sight of other hikers around you.

Does it come with the rechargeable battery or do I need to buy it separately?

The 1800 mAh lithium-ion is included with the device. You can also purchase extra battery packs should you be on long runs of over 12 hours without access to charging.

Is this headlamp waterproof?

The Petzl Reactik+ has an IPX4 rating which is water-resistant. The headlamp can take rain, but not a dunking or full submersion.

How secure is the lamp when running? Will it stay on?

The split back strap is designed so that the headlamp will stay on during the most strenuous activities and remain comfortable.

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The Petzl Reactick+ may look small, but it packs a powerful headlamp into a small footprint.

Packed with features such as REACTIVE lighting, five programmed profiles and a 300 Lumens battery, the Reactick+ is one of the best headlamps available at its price point. And with a life-cycle of over 300 charges, this lamp will light your way for years to come!

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