The Petzl Nao+ Review

You are an individual on the move, and speed matters. Whether you are trail-running or doing other fast-paced nighttime activities, you don’t have the time to slow down and adjust your light settings. Your pace needs to improve, and this is why the PETZL Nao+ Headlamp is your only option for a headlamp.

Designed with REACTIVE LIGHTING, this 750 Lumens smart multi-beam lamp sets the standard for being able to adapt to even the most intense activities. It will change according to the ambient light around you, ensuring optimal performance regardless of your activity. And with the integrated Bluetooth® feature, you can switch the settings at a touch of a button, so  you can keep your mind on the trail!

With Bluetooth® technology, there has never been an easier way to monitor burn-time and set customized beam patterns with the MyPetzl Light app for your smart device. This free app is available from the App Store or Google Play. With this handy app, you access your remaining burn time, create individual lighting profiles, and adjust brightness levels which offers a unique hands-free experience! There are also four additional profiles available with this app: Trail running, trekking, backpacking and mountaineering.

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That’s not a third LED light on your headlamp, that’s the REACTIVE sensor. The headlamp will automatically adjust the brightness or beam pattern, which will reduce battery drain and provide visual comfort as you move.


  • MyPetzl light app helps create customized lighting profiles to suit any activity. Customize beam patterns, burn time and brightness and see how much power is remaining. (free download from App Store and Google Play)
  • Constant lighting technology allows for constant light over time with no dimming.
  • Headlamp comes with multi activity lighting profile built in and four extra profiles are available in the MyPetzl Light App.
  • Bluetooth® Smart connects to the headlamp and when desired the lamp can still be used manually without the app.
  • Minimal handling, longer burn times and visual comfort thanks to REACTIVE LIGHTING
  • The REACTIVE sensor optimizes battery use by automatically adjusting the brightness and beam patterns. Brightness is self-regulated in one of two modes: MAX POWER (6.5 h) or MAX AUTONOMY (15 h).
  • Multi-beam lighting: Wide beam for proximity lighting along with a focused beam for long-range vision.
  • Lock function to prevent the lamp from turning on when not needed, and an ergonomic button that works even while wearing gloves.
  • Rear red indicator light makes it easier to be seen at night on the road.
  • Universal Micro USB rechargeable 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery with charge signal
  • Petzl-patented adjustable headband is comfortable and has n additional top strap to keep the lamp secure during technical activities


Is the device waterproof?

The Nao + Headlamp is not waterproof, however it has a rating of IP X4 which is water-resistant and will work in the rain. It is not dive-proof.

How can you adjust the brightness? Is it only through the MyPetzl Light App?

You can adjust the light with the knob on the lamp, through Bluetooth® on the App or on your desktop.

Can this be used for trail running?

This device is optimal for trail running and has a profile for trail running built into the MyPetzl Light App. The headband stays on while trail running.

Can I use normal batteries in this device?

The Nao + can only work with the red Nao rechargeable battery, and it does not accept other batteries. It is also not compatible with the earlier versions of the Nao headlamps.

Can it be used on bicycle or snowboard helmets?

Yes, but you may need clips to fasten them in, or you can purchase the optional top strap.

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The Nao+ headlamp is the latest of the Nao® series of headlamps, once again showing that Petzl is an industry leader for headlamps for athletes. With Bluetooth® and the MyPetzl light app, you can customize the light for any activities straight from your smartphone or tablet. Burn time is accessed with the touch of a button, and you can switch the lighting modes from your smart device.

Thanks to REACTIVE lighting technology, the built in sensor reads the ambient light, adjusting the brightness automatically which allows for greater visual comfort and optimized burn time for the athlete. With CONSTANT and multi-beam lighting, the Nao + will give even the most intense activities bright continuous light from beginning to the end.

The unique patented elastic headband allows for comfort and stability in even the most intense activities. And at 750 Lumens, this headlamp packs a powerful punch for lighting any trail, cave or forest.

The headlamp also has some innovative safety features built in. A red flashing light on the battery pack allows others to see you from behind allowing for safety while running or cycling on the road. Emergency messages such as SOS are programmed through the app, adding the bonus of being able to signal for help if needed!


There are only two disadvantages to the Nao + Headlamp. There is a learning curve with the manual mode as you learn how long to twist and hold the knob to cycle through lighting modes. The maximum output of 750 Lumens will only work through short bursts on manual mode. The battery will only last for 90 minutes at the MAX manual setting of 530 Lumens, and can only be further optimized with the MyPetzl App.

The Nao+ has a rating 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, as customers have been satisfied with the strength of the light and the quality of the build. One customer even purchased another one for his partner as she kept stealing his when he wasn’t looking. The Petzl Nao+ is too good a device to share, even with your girlfriend! The one major drawback is that some find that setting up the app is a learning curve. Once you have it mastered though that lamp will work every time you use it the way you want it to.


The choice of ultra-runners worldwide, the Nao+ is building once again on Petzl’s commitment to quality and performance with their products. From the Bluetooth® capability allowing for the most customization seen in a headlamp to date to the REACTIVE light technology, the Nao+ is a must have for anyone engaged in intense night sports that require both speed and light.

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