The Petzl Ultra Rush Headlamp Review

You love the rush of a fast ride or run. Whether you are riding a mountain on a bike, running through a dark forest or even hunting snakes at night, the Petzl Ultra Rush Headlamp will provide you with the most powerful mixed beam possible to see everything in your path. 

With four levels of intense white light you will be able to move at your most demanding pace with your surroundings lit up brighter than the lights of Broadway. This headlamp is the equivalent of a finely made Swiss watch in its design and use. 


If you are looking for a blazing intense light, the Ultra Rush is your perfect option. With 6 LEDs that are always lit at all four settings, you will have constant light regardless of battery life. The white light is intense, even at its lowest setting of 65 Lumens. The next two settings can provide five to seven hours of almost daylight conditions. The maximum setting of 760 Lumens will provide super-intense light for a burn time of two hours. The knobbed dial makes it easy to switch between the settings even with gloves on. 

The Ultra Rush is not your average headlamp. It is rugged, plain and simple. It is built to take a beating and still keep going. With an IP6 rating, it is waterproof for a period of 30 minutes in up to 1 metre of water and will withstand a drop from up to two metres onto hard surfaces. This was designed for the most extreme situations, but even if you are new to exploring caves or exploring forests at night this lamp is made to last you a long time. 

Easy to use: The knob allows you to rapidly switch through light modes, even with gloves on. The battery can be quickly removed and changed out when it needs charging and has comfort-fit plates on the front and back of the head with an adjustable headband.

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Long-distance uniform lighting: Ultra Rush provides super-powerful uniform lighting of up to 760 Lumens; and a beam of up to 170 metres, with a contrast light that does not decrease as the batteries do.

Perfect balance and performance: With the compact ACCU 2 ULTRA rechargeable lithium-ion battery(2600 mAh), you have a high-powered battery that is compact and comfortable to wear at the same time. Lithium-ion batteries also have the added bonus of lasting longer in colder temperatures. 

Rugged: Built to last, it is waterproof up to 30 minutes in one metre of water. It is resistant to falls, impacts and has a crush rating of up to 80 kg.


What is the actual battery life like at the different settings?

The Ultra Rush has four settings of constant lighting:

  • Minimum is 65 Lumens at 45 metres for 38 hours.
  • Economic is 300 Lumens at 100 metres for seven hours.
  • Optimum is 420 Lumens at 115 metres for five hours.
  • Maximum is 760 Lumens at 170 metres for two hours.

Is there a stronger battery available?

Yes, the Accu 4 battery is a stronger version of this battery and although it is a bit heavier it can be worn on the head or on your belt with an attachment cable. 

Can I use AAA or other batteries if I want to with this lamp?

Unfortunately no. Due to the strength of the battery needed only Petzl Accu 2 or Accu 4 batteries are compatible with the Ultra Rush. 

Does it have a tilt feature? 

Yes, this headlamp can tilt.


With the Petzl Ultra Rush, you have several distinct advantages. The constant powerful light will make sure that you can see at all times without dimming. This means the light will be the at same strength from the moment it is turned on to when the battery is dead. There is a reserve mode with a distinctive flash reminding you that the battery is almost drained and it takes three hours to charge back to full.

The lamp and its adjustable headband have front and back comfort plates and it offers the perfect balance between capacity and compactness. The quick connection system allows you to easily and quickly remove the battery for charging or to swap in a new one. 

The amazingly rugged design on the Ultra Rush makes it able to take a beating. So go ahead, drop it, or dunk it and it will still work. The large knob makes it easy to switch modes back and forth even with gloves on. 


Even with an amazing device, there are a few drawbacks. With the Ultra Rush, I could only find two. At 368 grams and $430 USD it is definitely one of the more heavier and expensive available, but the sheer power and ruggedness of the lamp itself makes it the best option for every serious trail runner, mountaineer and herper out there. 

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Customer Feedback

With an average star rating on Amazon of 4.6 stars over 13 reviews, Petzl is once again showing why their technology continues to show amazing results with its users. 

One customer mentioned that weight and price were the biggest problems that they had with this device, but the performance more than made up for those two issues. The light throws constant white light and was excellent for finding animals at night. In the end, he was so glad that he did it that he is buying another one to use.

Final thoughts

When looking at the Petzl Ultra Rush, look past the price and see the amazing quality of this device. You will be glad you invested in such an amazingly powerful headlamp.

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